Invest in LPG training, says Calor

Invest in LPG training, says Calor

With the UK’s LPG market continuing to expand, Calor is urging installers to welcome in the New Year with new service offerings and invest in LPG training.

There’s plenty of opportunity to take on new customers, as there are currently two million UK homes that are completely off-grid with virtually no prospect of being connected to mains gas supply. Recent statistics also indicate the sector is expected to grow by 3.8% each year until 2018, so there’s never been a better time for installers to make sure they’re qualified to work with LPG.

There are two key qualifications on offer to installers looking to expand their business in the LPG market.

The first of these is CCLP1: Core LPG Safety Training and Assessment. This is a Gas Safety qualification and is required for any engineer wishing to work on LPG installations or further their training. Most candidates will complete the course in a few days, covering the basics of working safely with LPG, as well as all relevant safety legislation and standards.

The second important qualification is CONGLP1 (PD): Conversion of Natural Gas to LPG. As the name suggests, this allows an installer to convert all of their existing natural gas qualifications to their equivalent LPG counterparts. For example, if you are qualified to safely work on natural gas cookers, this will allow you to work on cookers fuelled by LPG.

Even when training is complete, however, installers can still benefit hugely from working with an efficient and trustworthy LPG supplier that can support them.

For example, while LPG training will ensure installers stay safe, legal and comfortable when working with an LPG boiler, Calor will take care of siting and installing the fuel storage and external pipework. All an installer needs to do is make one call to their local sales representative and the rest will be taken care of.

Calor supports installers at every stage of an LPG conversion, and also offers a £250 incentive for each new bulk tank customer they refer, or £100 for a new cylinder customer referral.

Gregor Dalgleish, National Sales Manager at Calor, said: “The New Year is the ideal time to start arranging new plans for your business, and training plays a big part in this.

“There’s a lot of competition out there for training budgets, but getting qualified to install LPG allows installers to offer a wider range of services when it comes to rural home heating solutions and be able to discuss and advise on the options available in a more knowledgeable manner. This is a great way to increase the amount of customers you can work with and expand your offerings into greener fossil fuels.”

Installers interested in learning more about how working with Calor can benefit their business and customers, should visit or call 0345 600 7701 for more information.

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