Heatrae Sadia improves its Megaflo cylinders

Heatrae Sadia improves its Megaflo cylinders

Heatrae Sadia has responded to installer demand by adding an extra sensor pocket to its Megaflo Eco indirect range. This allows additional control for boilers that either use an energy management system, or require a temperature signal to regulate hot water production.

The addition of an extra pocket, which can cater for sensors up to 8mm in diameter, makes the Megaflo Eco range much more flexible, allowing installers to further manage the relationship between a cylinder and the boiler it is heated by.

The sensors relay information on current hot water temperatures to an independent control system, which in turn opens the valve to turn on the boiler. This, when teamed with the Megaflo Eco cylinder, ensures safe operation and comfort for the home owner, while also assuring them that their system is working to maximum efficiency.

Steve Rickards, Commercial Director at Heatrae Sadia, said: “We are always looking at feedback from installers to ensure that our products are meeting their expectations. One of the most frequent requests we have received is for the option to add an extra sensor to the cylinder, which we are pleased to be able to offer with the new sensor pockets on the Megaflo Eco indirect range.

“While most systems operate by means of the motorised valve supplied with the cylinder, the additional pocket will give installers even more control over certain systems, and give homeowners further peace of mind that their system is running safely and efficiently.”

Any additional controls should be wired in alongside the Megaflo over heat thermostat and motorised valve to ensure safe operation for the homeowner.

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