Exclusive installer benefits with the new Rointe loyalty club

Exclusive installer benefits with the new Rointe loyalty club

Installers of Rointe products can now benefit from features and rewards, following the launch of the new Rointe Club.

The exclusive membership, launched by the international electric heating manufacturer, includes perks such as inclusion in its online and project directories, installation guides, and an annual advertising pack. Members can accumulate 3% of the net amount of all their Rointe purchases via gift cards.

Committed to sustainable thermal comfort, Rointe provides technologically advanced, energy-efficient heating solutions, with over 35 years’ experience – offering a wide range of radiators, towel rails, underfloor heating and unvented domestic electric hot water solutions.

Antonio Dengra, CEO at Rointe says: “We launched the Rointe Club to show how much we value our loyal installers; we want to give them something in return for choosing our products.

“Members will have the latest and most up-to-date information about Rointe and its products as well as a number of other fantastic benefits, which will put them ahead of other installers. They’ll also receive Rointe-branded merchandise that acts as a blue tick to show their customers that they’re a trusted Rointe installer.”

The membership package includes:
Welcome pack – Members will receive an official welcome pack when they sign up, including a hoodie, branded freebies and stickers to identify their business as trusted by Rointe.

Website directory – Rointe will include members’ businesses in its web locator to make it easy for customers to find them.

Annual advertising pack – Every year members will receive Rointe’s exclusive advertising pack with catalogues, stickers and leaflets to explain the benefits of its electric heating systems.

Projects directory – Members get exclusive access to projects from the Rointe team and recommendations for suitable heating installations.

Accumulate 3% of your purchases in gift cards – Members can accumulate 3% of the net amount of all Rointe purchases in gift cards, up to a maximum of £500.

Those who spend more than £15,000 in net purchases by September 2021 will become a Premium Installer with extra benefits, including a Rointe branded jacket, premium website listing, and an exclusive Christmas hamper.

To sign up to become a Rointe Trusted Installer, visit rointe.com/uk/professionals/register-rointe-club

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