Elmhurst Energy renews its manifesto

Elmhurst Energy renews its manifesto

With a General Election and Brexit approaching Elmhurst Energy has renewed its manifesto for an energy efficient society and the six simple steps we need to take to move nearer to the goal.

“It’s important that climate change and the need to reduce our carbon footprint remains a priority and it is well recognised that we need to reduce our carbon emissions, of which buildings contribute around 30 per cent,” explains Martyn Reed, Managing Director of Elmhurst Energy.

“Undertaking energy efficiency measures can provide a great return on investment and save families and business money, whilst also reducing carbon emissions for the country as a whole. At Elmhurst Energy, we have written a manifesto to present to the Government, outlining six simple steps to help create an energy efficient society.”

The Elmhurst Energy Manifesto:

  1. Support the energy efficiency sector by committing to maintain all EU Climate change legislation post Brexit.
  2. We need to create a clear government strategy that reduces carbon emissions by reducing demand as well as decarbonising energy generation.
  3. We need to ensure an appropriate focus on energy efficiency initiatives that benefit the fuel poor, those families on low incomes and that live in the least efficient homes.
  4. The validity period for Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) should be reduced to three years so the information is meaningful and up-to-date.
  5. Have EPCs at the core of all future energy initiatives to allow successes to be measured and compared.
  6. Extend the role of Energy Assessors to include best practice advice to families on how to reduce fuel bills and make their homes warmer.

“Supporting these steps will provide a route to achieving change and a more energy efficient society. We must not allow energy issues to be ignored in what is a time of change in the United Kingdom. We will continue to work towards a better future where people are removed from fuel poverty,” says Martyn.

A full version of the manifesto is available on the Elmhurst Energy website. For more details, visit:

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