Elmhurst Energy launches Elmhurst Digital

Elmhurst Energy launches Elmhurst Digital

Elmhurst Energy has announced the launch of its ‘Elmhurst Digital’ arm, which will deliver bespoke software solutions to organisations nationwide.

Elmhurst Digital will build upon the company’s history of delivering personal and flexible solutions to provide “excellence in innovation” to businesses within both the energy and buildings industry, as well as further afield.

Through its ability to create innovative and practical solutions, Elmhurst Energy is frequently asked to help both private organisations and government departments. The launch of Elmhurst Digital is a natural extension of this business stream. The team will be specialising in the following solutions following their years of operation within the Elmhurst Energy business;

  • Complex Calculators
  • Data Capture
  • Mobile Applications
  • Integration
  • Membership Schemes Management

“We have worked with many organisations from small to large and delivered successful solutions over a number of years. We enjoy working with likeminded clients and have a world class delivery system which maps the journey from initial concept with clients, through to a completed solution there to be seen by all,” explains Technical Director Stuart Fairlie, who is overseeing the new business venture.

“Elmhurst Digital can create cutting edge solutions and make organisations more dynamic and efficient. We have dedicated experts who will make the journey easy and understandable. But most importantly we deliver the quality that is expected – at the right price.”

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