Educate the elderly, urges Drayton

Educate the elderly, urges Drayton

With recent research from the government showing there were 602,000 older households living in fuel poverty in England, Drayton is urging installers and electricians to educate the elderly on how to use heating controls effectively to ensure they are kept comfortable, safe, and warm.

According to the Office for National Statistics, there are 28,500 ‘excess winter deaths’ in England and Wales amongst people aged 65 and over, highlighting that the colder months can be a dangerous time for older people.

They may be living in poorly insulated accommodation with an inefficient heating system, meaning they are more at risk of becoming fuel poor which can cause serious health complications. Fuel poverty can increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes and respiratory problems, depression, worsening arthritis, complications with diabetes and other chronic conditions.

However, by utilising heating controls, the elderly are able to take greater control of their energy consumption – making sure they feel comfortable while also minimising usage.

Simon May, Product Manager at Drayton Controls, explains: “We often find older generations are not able to use their heating controls effectively – it could be that the devices are too complicated to programme, or that they have arthritis or poor eyesight preventing them from operating them.”

“So there is the opportunity for the installer or electrician to help by recommending and installing effective and easy to use heating controls, and ensuring they demo them properly so customers understand how to use them.”

“Our range of controls such as MiTime and MiStat are easy to use, with programmes featuring a large backlit display, large buttons and an easy to use interface. We also offer the LP range of programmes which are really simple to operate too.”

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