Drayton to host live expert panel on low flow temperatures

Drayton to host live expert panel on low flow temperatures

Helping installers to educate their customers on how they can get more efficiency gains, Drayton will be hosting a live expert panel, covering everything they’ll need to know about low flow temperatures.

Taking place on Thursday 27th January at 7pm on The Drayton Community Facebook group, Drayton will be joined by Richard Burrows, Kim Betty, Jo Alsop, Paul Hull and Rob Berridge, who will be sharing their knowledge on this hot topic.

During the hour-long live discussion, the panel of experts will cover what a low flow temperature system is, what the implications are when it comes to correctly sizing radiators and designing a system, as well as how they can correctly implement this best practice. They will also look at the benefits that lower flow temperature systems can offer homeowners when it comes to energy efficiency.

Throughout the session, the audience will be able to submit their questions, which will be answered throughout by the panellists.

Remi Volpe, Managing Director of Drayton, commented: “As the UK moves towards more sustainable heat sources such as heat pumps, low flow temperature systems are going to become more common than ever. There’s never been a better time for installers to get to grips with this practice and start implementing it on the systems they are working on today – regardless of whether it incorporates a gas boiler or heat pump. We’re thrilled to have so many industry experts joining us and look forward to seeing installers there, where they will hopefully benefit from this informative session.”

Join The Drayton Community Facebook group here and register your interest for the event.

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