Drayton factory wins sustainability award 

Drayton factory wins sustainability award 

Drayton’s Plymouth-based factory has achieved key sustainability targets in 2023 and received the Schneider Award for Winter Energy Efficiency for Best Production Site. 

Since 2014, Drayton has operated as Zero to Landfill from its site in Plymouth, and over recent years has continued to make significant improvements across its factory, including the reduction of single use plastics, with the aim of becoming Net Zero by 2025.    

Debie Robinson, Sustainability Project Manager at Drayton, said: “We are proud of our achievement in reducing the energy consumption at our Plymouth factory over the last winter period, and we look forward to implementing even more energy-saving measures in the new year. 

“Our Energy Reduction Programme has supported us in achieving our award win, and drawing on our objectives has helped us to be clear on our goals for the future. We also look forward to bringing our customers along on this journey to becoming Net Zero too, as we continue to introduce more sustainable packaging and shipping options across our product range.” 

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