Demand for plumbers up by 72% in 2021

Demand for plumbers up by 72% in 2021

New research from Rated People has revealed homeowner desire for home improvement went through the roof in 2021. Nearly half (49%) of UK residents improved their homes and demand for tradespeople increased by 32% in just one year. Almost two in three tradespeople (62%) say last year was the busiest year they’ve ever had. Compared to the start of the pandemic in 2020, demand for home improvement has gone up by 50%.

The findings are taken from the 2022 Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report, and the study shows that 77% of UK tradespeople experienced increased customer demand in 2021. Carpenters/joiners are the trade that’s reported to have experienced increased consumer demand the most, with almost nine in 10 (89%) saying demand went up in 2021.

The top 10 trades that say they experienced increased homeowner demand in 2021
Carpenter/Joiner 89%
Painter and decorator 83%
Tiler 82%
Handyperson 81%
Builder 78%
Roofer 75%
Plasterer/Renderer 74%
Gardener/Landscape gardener 73%
Electrician 73%
Plumber 72%

Opportunity in a challenging time
The surge in demand since the start of the pandemic has brought about huge opportunities for tradespeople. But they’ve also been hit with a series of challenges – almost nine in 10 tradespeople (89%) say their costs increased in 2021, 84% experienced materials supply issues and just under half (44%) had workforce shortages.

As a result, four in five tradespeople (83%) had to increase their prices and almost two thirds (62%) had to delay or cancel jobs.

43% went on to say the challenges from last year led them to feel an increased level of stress, and a quarter say they felt exhausted. But, one in three UK tradespeople (34%) did also say that the opportunities resulting from increased demand meant they felt an increased sense of motivation, and more than a quarter (27%) said they had increased job satisfaction and an increased sense of achievement last year.

Material and workforce shortages
Unsurprisingly, COVID was a major cause of disruption in 2021, but the main reason for cancellations and delays was actually materials shortages, with 44% of tradespeople saying they had to delay or cancel work because of supply issues.

Supply issues were felt across the industry. Plasterers/renderers were the most affected, but nearly all trades experienced shortages. Between 75% and 96% of the top 10 most affected trades found it difficult to get the materials they needed, including 77% of plumbers.

Workforce and contractor shortages were also experienced by many trade businesses in 2021, with the main causes being COVID isolation and a lack of skilled workers.

Increased costs means increased prices for homeowners
This year, nine in 10 tradespeople (91%) expect their costs will increase, and 91% of heating engineers say they’re planning to increase their prices in 2022.

The most in-demand trades in 2022
Demand doesn’t appear to be slowing, as 86% of tradespeople across the UK say they expect to be very busy in 2022. According to the study, all of the bathroom fitters and tilers surveyed said they are gearing up for another year of unprecedented demand, and across the top 10 trades set to be the busiest this year, a minimum of 82% expect to be very busy.

The top 10 trades with the most homeowner demand in 2022
Bathroom fitter 100%
Tiler 100%
Roofer 89%
Plumber 86%
Plasterer/Renderer 85%
Electrician 85%
Carpenter/Joiner 85%
Painter and decorator 85%
Builder 84%
Gas/Heating engineer 82%

Adrienne Minster, CEO of Rated People, commented: “The last two years have been challenging for many reasons, but it’s great to see just how much homeowner demand has increased for all things home improvement and renovation.

“The volume of work completed in 2021 is a testament to how well tradespeople and homeowners worked together, because in a COVID and post-Brexit landscape, material supply issues, cost increases and labour shortages affected home improvement work across the UK.

This year, it’s clear there are massive opportunities for tradespeople as a result of this high demand, and we want to help tradespeople make the most of this time for their business success. So if you’re looking to capitalise on the home improvement boom, head to Rated People to find out more.”

To see the full research and the newest edition of the Rated People Home Improvement Trends Report, click here

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