Conex Bänninger highlights benefits of copper

Conex Bänninger highlights benefits of copper

Conex Bänninger has introduced a new CPD programme highlighting the multiple advantages of copper as a preferential fitting material.

As well as showcasing its performance benefits, the programme includes an update on current codes of practice and explains how using copper products helps meet increasingly stringent building standards. The CPD also addresses the positive role copper can play in maintaining water hygiene and how its anti-microbial properties can combat infections including potentially deadly Legionnaires Disease.

The programme is designed with specifiers and M & E contractors in mind, while stockists and installers will also find it useful.

Dan Wild, UK Business Unit Director for Conex Bänninger, said: “While other materials have their place, copper has the edge from so many perspectives – its practical use, sustainable, environmentally friendly and from a health & safety standpoint.

“In developing our latest CPD programme we’ve gone into great depth on this subject matter, whilst taking care to cover the necessary competencies required for a project consultant, specifier, designer, contractor, installer and water supplier.

“As a company with a heritage stretching back over 100 years, we have built a great depth of expertise around innovative and versatile jointing solutions. It’s something we’re keen to share with others, particularly those further along the supply chain.”

Advantages of copper include:

  • As a ‘noble’ metal it’s resistant to corrosion and oxidisation
  • It is 100% recyclable, with the recycling process better than others for the environment
  • Non-flammable, it is highly resistant to extreme temperatures
  • It attacks a wide range of bacteria so is excellent in medical and pharmaceutical applications.

While focussing on the benefits of copper, the programme also considers the full range of products and jointing solutions on the market, from solder and braze, to compression, threaded and push fit.

Anyone interested in attending the CPD presentation should contact (Richard Smith; [email protected]). For more information, visit:

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