What are your business plans for 2019?

What are your business plans for 2019?

The first #TradesTalk chat of 2019 took place on Twitter this week, with tradespeople from around the UK discussing their business goals and plans for the year ahead. You can search the hashtag if you want to see what was discussed, or simply have a look at the best bits we have selected for you here. If you fancy joining in, the chat happens every Tuesday at 8pm and you just need to follow the hashtag to get involved.

The first question of the evening was about overall plans for the year, with several of the participants talking about expanding their business or focusing on new areas.

Then the discussion moved on to specific skills people want to learn, so they can offer more to their customers, but also just because it’s a subject they want to know more about.

We also talked about things that didn’t go so well in 2018 and that we wanted to change this year.

It wasn’t all about work though, the chat did move on to personal goals for 2019.

And finally, the #TradesTalk community talked about business resolutions for 2019, with a variety of serious and light-hearted answers.

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