Bristan unveils range of water-saving products in new ESG pledge 

Bristan unveils range of water-saving products in new ESG pledge 

Bristan, has released its new Environmental, Social Responsibility and Governance (ESG) report which shines a spotlight on its water-saving products – including its new Eco Start technology. 

The report outlines the organisation’s commitment to sustainability with one of the key focuses being the innovation of energy and water-saving products. 

Recently, Bristan has introduced Eco Start technology on bathroom taps, which saves energy by having cold water as the default central start position of the tap handle. This means that hot water is only activated when the tap lever is moved from the central position, so the boiler is not unnecessarily fired up. 

Also featured in its comprehensive water-efficient portfolio are pre-fitted flow limiters, infrared taps that automatically turn off when not in use, and BREEAM-certified self-closing ‘push button’ taps. 

Martin Mongan, Chief Executive Officer at Bristan Group, commented: “Not only is being sustainable important to us as a company, but we also understand how important it is to provide water-saving products for our customers – particularly as both energy bills and climate change are concerns at the minute.” 

“We hope that installers can feel confident in choosing and recommending Bristan’s water-saving products to help build and maintain their reputation.” 

The ESG report also details the wider sustainability commitments of the wider Bristan Group. 

Bristan Group’s Environmental, Social and Governance Report can be found here.

To discover Bristan’s range of water-saving products, visit the website here

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