Bosch urges switch to Starlock system

Bosch urges switch to Starlock system

With the completion of its latest range of oscillating multi-cutters, featuring the Starlock 3D accessory interface, Bosch says it is now time for trade professionals to move away from OIS.

Now there is a better way
Bosch recommends Starlock as a superior alternative to OIS (Oscillating Interface System) and is urging tradespeople to consider the benefits of switching. It points to the relatively loose connection provided by OIS, which relies on a system of pins on the multi-cutter fitting into holes on the accessory. This results in power transfer inefficiency, untidy finishing and vulnerability to breakage of the pins. In many cases, pin damage spells the end of the multi-cutter’s life.

By contrast, the Starlock 3D interface holds accessories tightly and ensures 100% power transfer. As well as improving the multi-cutter’s speed, effectiveness and precision, that transfer efficiency reduces energy consumption – which is especially important in the case of battery-powered tools. Without ‘wobbling’ pins, the tool and its accessories also last longer.

Extra multi-cutter versatility
The Starlock system, developed jointly by Bosch and Fein, is an important advance in the development of oscillating multi-cutters, which are a relatively recent addition to the professional’s armoury. They have been designed for machine and accessory to work together to achieve an optimal combination of both power and functionality.

Ideal for a variety of tricky situations, their side-to-side motion allows accurate, highly controlled cutting, grinding, scraping and sanding – often in confined spaces which a rotating tool cannot reach.

Essential to the Starlock system’s adaptability and effectiveness is the expanding range of Starlock accessories.

These are categorised into the following performance bands:

  • Starlock – for everyday use
  • Starlock Plus – for deeper cutting
  • Starlock Max – for heavy duty applications

To meet differing user demands, the new Bosch multi-cutters include entry-level, mid-range and top-of-the-range models. In combination with the appropriate Starlock accessories, they offer greater power and versatility compared to previous multi-tools.

  • Entry-level – compact, lightweight and very handy for everyday jobs and common applications
  • Mid-range – more power, more adaptable and capable of deep plunge cutting
  • Top-of-the-range – highest power, versatility and heavy-duty capability

Today’s choice
The range of Bosch multi-cutters now comprises:

  • GOP 12 V-28 Professional Multi-Cutter (Cordless) – uses Starlock (SL) accessories
  • GOP 18 V-28 Professional Multi-Cutter (Cordless) – uses SL and SL Plus
  • GOP 30-28 Professional Multi-Cutter (Corded) – uses SL and SL Plus
  • GOP 40-30 Professional Multi-Cutter (Corded) – uses SL and SL Plus
  • GOP 55-36 Professional Multi-Cutter (Corded) – uses SL, SL Plus and SL Max

Bosch hopes that users of older multi-cutters with OIS will seriously think about setting them aside in favour of the Starlock alternative.

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