Baxi releases new commercial guide to hydrogen for heat

Baxi releases new commercial guide to hydrogen for heat

Baxi Commercial Solutions has released a new educational guide for the non-domestic sector that aims to debunk the myths surrounding hydrogen for heat and provide a timeframe for the anticipated transition to this greener gas.

Entitled Your guide to hydrogen for heat, the report:

  • Sets out the potential for hydrogen to become one of the central pillars of decarbonisation in the UK for the commercial sector, along with electrification and heat networks
  • Presents a timeline of how the transition from natural gas to hydrogen is likely to unfold
  • Provides a succinct definition and distinction between hydrogen boilers, hydrogen-ready boilers and 20% hydrogen  boilers

The concise guide aims to arm businesses and organisations with the necessary facts relating to hydrogen that will assist them in meeting heat demand in their buildings more sustainably with future-ready solutions.

Andy Green, Technical Director at Baxi Commercial Solutions, said: “Speaking to our customers, we know there is a widespread desire to make efficiency improvements wherever possible to drive down emissions and operational costs in buildings. But following the recent hype about hydrogen, many want greater clarity on the achievable, future-proof options that are available now to help bring their buildings up to code. This is particularly the case in the UK’s more challenging, harder-to-heat buildings where heat pumps might currently not be an option – but boiler replacement is.”

Baxi is working closely with UK Government to trial hydrogen boilers in a number of projects. “We wanted to share the knowledge and expertise we have gained as pioneers of hydrogen boilers to clear up any misunderstandings and outline the anticipated stepwise transition to hydrogen,” Andy explained.

“For example, the standards and certification framework to enable a product to be classified as ‘hydrogen-ready’ are not yet in place – so any claims that products are ‘hydrogen-ready’ now are inaccurate and potentially misleading for businesses and organisations.

“Our aim is to help equip specifiers, contractors, FMs, energy managers and building operators with the necessary information so that they can make the right choices at the right time and be assured of a future-ready installation.”

The launch of the guide follows the announcement that Baxi Commercial Solutions has secured independent certification of the ability of its Remeha Quinta Ace and Gas 320/620 Ace boilers to operate on a 20% hydrogen blend. The introduction of 20% hydrogen into the UK gas network is expected to be the first step in the transition to greener gas.

Your guide to hydrogen for heat is available now for free download

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