ARMD and Van Guard team up to help protect tradespeople against van crime

ARMD and Van Guard team up to help protect tradespeople against van crime

ARMD and Van Guard have announced a new partnership designed to help prevent and protect tradespeople against tool theft and van crime. The partnership brings together Van Guard’s range of tough van security products with ARMD’s smart insurance and fast digital claims.

Van crime has a significant impact on the UK’s tradespeople and their businesses. The consequences of stolen tools include loss of earnings and reputation, letting down customers and high cost of tool replacement. The price of replacing tools can be extremely high, with an average loss per break-in being around £3,500.

“With a van broken into every 19 minutes in the UK, equating to more than £30m worth of goods stolen annually from vans alone, the partnership between ARMD and Van Guard makes perfect sense for tradespeople looking to protect their tools, van and ultimately their business,” says Duncan Jackson, Co-Founder of ARMD.

“For over 30 years we’ve been providing high-quality van accessories and security products,” explains Emlyn Harris, Managing Director of Van Guard. “We’ve helped many companies reduce their risk of van crime and improve the safety of their van and fleet, and we’re now proud to be partnering with ARMD on this important initiative. They share our commitment to reducing the incidence of van crime in the UK and we’re looking forward to working together in the future.”

Seven ways Van Guard and ARMD can help prevent and protect against tool theft

  • Van Guard offers security products including locks and shielding, preventing and deterring thieves
  • The ULTILock range includes the first Gold Standard Sold Secure hooklock, which is also Secured by Design accredited
  • ARMD offers a free Tool Inventory app to record and insure your tools
  • ARMD Insurance provides tradespeople with dedicated tool protection and makes fast, digital claims really easy and hassle free
  • Utilisation of the ARMD app means it can easily see what tools belong to a tradesperson, avoiding any disputes when making a claim
  • The ARMD GUARD watches over movement in the back of your van, alerting you with a phone call if a break in occurs.
  • You can easily replace any stolen tools in ARMD’s tool shop

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