ADEY ProCheck reaches milestone 20,000 tests

ADEY ProCheck reaches milestone 20,000 tests

ADEY ProCheck – the universal water testing kit which provides ‘lab-style’ results instantly to a smart phone – has reached the milestone of its 20,000th test within 6 months of its launch.

Sean Adams of Warburton Building Services was responsible for recording the 20,000th test result and is just one of the many installers who have seen the benefits of ADEY ProCheck for engineer best practice, central heating efficiency and customer service.

Since its launch, heating professionals have been taking advantage of ADEY ProCheck’s technology to increase business building opportunities, record regulation compliance and best practice results and help homeowners protect essential heating system efficiency in the home.

Sean Adams is happy to sing the praises of ADEY ProCheck: “Using ADEY ProCheck has certainly made a difference to the way we work. We deal with new build developers so can have a number of properties being worked on at any one time. We need to be able to show the heating system has been dosed correctly and to the manufacturers’ guidelines from the outset and using ADEY ProCheck means the team can do the test and the results can be filed instantly. It also helps us to demonstrate our compliance with BS7593:2019 which also secures additional business as our new build customers appreciate the fact that we can offer this service. It is a win/win all around and we are delighted to have been recognised in helping to reach the 20,000th test milestone.”

Convenient and fast, the ADEY ProCheck water test kit allows installers to access key data connected to a system’s water quality, including measuring for inhibitors, corrosion, and pH levels. Installers simply need to take a water sample, use the supplied test strips, scan these against a unique test card via the app and the app instantly calculates the results. Details about the system’s status are then available to view on a smart device with recommended actions to the user’s phone, all within seconds, giving installers ‘real-time’ information on what is happening with the system and without adding time to service routines. Installers can review the findings on-site and discuss any issues and potential treatments with the homeowner while still at the property, eliminating the need for a repeat visit, which also supports COVID safe working practices by helping to minimise face-to-face contact.

Results are available instantly in the app and test results can be emailed directly to the customer, whilst also being viewed later via a dedicated report management system. This system allows the installer to view all previous test results in one place, and view which properties are due their annual test at the click of a button.

Tom Hood, UK & Ireland Sales Director for ADEY, comments: “We are thrilled with the success of ADEY ProCheck since its launch in late 2020. Many installers are now using the technology to change the way they do business, and it is allowing them to enhance service standards. Having this tangible evidence of system water quality is proving to be essential tool in helping installers get their customers to understand the importance of system health. It enables installers to drive compliance across all sectors as well as raising water quality standards and opening conversations with homeowners on the benefits of effective water treatment, including system cleansing and installing magnet filtration.”

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