Added benefits from Fernox Installer’s Club

Added benefits from Fernox Installer’s Club

Fernox is offering new members of the Fernox Installer’s Club a free TF1 Demo Jar upon registration. An ideal way to show customers how filters work, the unit provides a powerful visual of the benefits of filter technology in protecting a system.

Launched in 2011, the Fernox Installer’s Club has more than 3,000 registered members. By signing up, members benefit from exclusive offers such as discounts, free tools with certain purchases, and automatic entry into a Monthly Prize Draw.

Adding value for installers, members also gain additional technical guidance and access to a bespoke helpline, which includes an area to submit questions and a FAQ section that is kept up-to-date by the technical experts at Fernox.

New members of the Fernox Installer’s Club will also receive a free TF1 Demo Jar, which is said to be a useful sales aid, used by installers to show homeowners the benefit of installing a quality in-line system filter. Simply remove the magnet from its sheath, shake the lightweight and tightly sealed jar to agitate the debris and replace the magnet to see how filter technology delivers significantly clearer and cleaner water by attracting and containing the circulating debris.

“As the latest, innovative filters have been designed without a lid to ensure faster servicing and more cost effective maintenance, the technology is completely hidden within the unit. This makes it difficult for installers to showcase just how effective combined filtration technology can be, which is why the TF1 Demo Jar has proved so popular,” said Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox.

“Although professional installers are well aware of the benefits of filter technology, it is crucial to choose products that have both magnetic and non-magnetic filtration capability to ensure the filter is as effective as possible. Demonstrating this technology to the homeowner is an important part of the process to ensure the boiler and system operate at optimum efficiency for longer.”

To sign up to the Fernox Installer’s Club and receive a TF1 Demo Jar, visit:

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