10 essential Plumbing & Heating Tools to start out with

10 essential Plumbing & Heating Tools to start out with

As part of National Apprenticeship Week (6th to 12th February 2023) pliers’ specialists KNIPEX has put together exclusive discount packages, competitions and events for plumbing and heating apprentices. Consulting closely with well-known plumber and social media content creator Peter Booth and in collaboration with Northern Ireland tool retailer Tool Monster, 10 essential KNIPEX tools have been hand-selected to help kickstart the careers of any apprentice heating and plumbing engineer as they prepare to enter the wider world of work. These 10 tools will be available at a discounted rate for apprentices during February 2023. They will also be available individually or in the hand selected kit which also includes Velocity Pro Gear and Wera screwdrivers. 

“This year we have reached out to Peter to find out exactly what tools apprentices will need as they embark on their exciting careers,” says David Barnes, KNIPEX UK’s Marketing Manager.  

“We want to make these tools as affordable and accessible to apprentices as possible so we have implemented a separate pricing structure for students, and we will be also giving them info, tips and tricks on how to use them through demonstrations at colleges.” 

To reach apprentices face to face during National Apprentice Week, Peter Booth and electrician Nick Bundy are undertaking a tour of five colleges in Northern Ireland in association with Tool Monster where they will be demonstrating KNIPEX tools to students. A range of discounted tools will also be on offer to lecturers and the colleges themselves.  

“As well as college tours, apprentices across the UK should also check out our social channels as there will be competitions and giveaways aimed directly at them – it’s a great chance to bag a KNIPEX prize,” continues David.  

Peter Booth has put together the following 10 essential tools that apprentices could look to start their career with: 

00 11 06 V03 Control Cabinet Key “DoubleJoint”: Great for opening all kinds of cabinets 

03 02 180 Combination Pliers: multi-component gripped pliers  

16 95 01 SB KNIPEX ErgoStrip: Universal stripping tool, saving time and money 

26 22 200 Snipe Nose Pliers: Get into the hard-to-reach areas  

70 02 160 Diagonal Cutters: Essential cutting tool 

82 01 200 TwinGrip Slip Joint Pliers, polished and great for pipework 

86 01 180 Pliers Wrench – 180mm length pliers and a wrench in one tool 

86 01 250 Pliers Wrench – 250mm length  

87 01 250 KNIPEX Cobra High Tech Water Pump Pliers: A work horse which will never let you down 

90 22 10 BK KNIPEX BIX: Cutters for plastic pipes and sealing sleeves 

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