WATCH: Wavin Handy Hack #9

WATCH: Wavin Handy Hack #9

Wavin has introduced a series of handy hack videos demonstrating how to save time on tricky jobs.

From pipes that you can’t quite reach, to bends that won’t fit into tight corners – many plumbers will have been there, scratching heads wondering how to tackle an awkward job. To help, Wavin has launched a new series of handy hack videos, giving plumbers a step-by-step guide on how to use its range of products. These videos are designed to help plumbers develop their skills, get jobs done quicker and make tricky jobs a lot easier to handle.

The series is presented by former plumber Steve Harris, who’s now a technical support engineer at Wavin. The videos cover both Wavin Hep2O and Osma products.

Hack 9: Installing HepvO
If you’re dealing with discharge from unvented cylinders, you can easily run it into a nearby soil pipe by using the Tundish Adaptor Kit, so saving both time and product. The kit includes the HepvO valve and the Tundish Adaptor, and when joined together you can use the products to connect the waste pipe to the pressure release valve via the tundish adaptor.

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