TOOLS & WORKWEAR WEEK: Pro review – Astral Plumbing x Snickers Workwear

TOOLS & WORKWEAR WEEK: Pro review – Astral Plumbing x Snickers Workwear

Steve and Matt Hamilton from Astral Plumbing check out some of the latest gear from Snickers Workwear.

Snickers FlexiWork Trousers
These are a really comfortable fit. I really like the stretch material. The trousers don’t catch or rub when moving around or kneeling and crouching at work, which is very helpful when working in tight spaces. This really is a big deal, as you would be surprised how many works trousers I’ve tried tend to grab on the legs, greatly reducing mobility, particularly when you get a bit hot and sticky.

There is a good number of quality pockets as you’d expect with a work trouser. The kneepads are easily replaceable, with an external pocket. Much easier than the internal option in my previous work trousers.

The kneepads sit lower on the leg than I’ve had in the past, which took some getting used to. But after a few days of adjustment, I’ve found this helps with mobility and comfort in most daily situations.

Key features of the FlexiWork Trousers:

  • Durable ripstop fabric with stretch
  • 4-way stretch panel at crotch.
  • Removable reinforced holster pockets (attached with zipper).
  • Zip ventilation at inner thighs.
  • Stretch CORDURA at knees for flexibility and durability

Key features of the D3O Ergo Craftsmen Kneepads:

  • D3O material for enhanced impact protection
  • EN 14404 Type 2, Level 1 knee protection
  • Retains shape for extended periods of frequent kneeling
  • Ergonomic design for a tight and secure
  • Compatible with the KneeGuard system

Inverted Pile Jacket
This really is very comfortable and warm. It has a really nice fleece lining. It’s an excellent jacket for the colder days, and it’s quite a loose fit which is great when working. Despite this, the sleeves grip well at the wrists to prevent getting in the way when working.

The jacket also comes with drawstring fasteners around the bottom to hug the jacket to your body. Something I find helpful at work, preventing any clothing getting in the way, whilst maintaining a comfortable fit.

We never really got the chance to test how waterproof the jacket was, but at the very least, it is clearly water resistant, and kept me dry in a light shower.

I actually think it’s a very smart good looking jacket, in particular the pattern on the sleeves. This has the added benefit of being highly reflective. When working in the dark, out of the van, on a busy street (not an unusual scenario in the winter months) it really lights up in car headlights, greatly increasing visibility, and genuinely provides an added level of safety.

Key features of the Inverted Pile Jacket:

  • Laminated fabric with a cozy, insulating pile backside
  • Reflective transfer at sleeves and neck
  • 2-way vislon zipper with rubber puller at center front
  • Rubber zipper pullers for easy grip
  • Elastic and adjustable drawcord at bottom hem


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