Step-by-step: Grant Uflex UFH

Step-by-step: Grant Uflex UFH

Grant UK demonstrates the installation process for its Uflex UFH system.

Step 1: Send initial plans of the project to local Grant UK Sales Manager. Grant UK’s in-house Design Team will then complete a heat load calculation and produce a project bill of materials via a formal quotation.  

Step 2: Once the quotation is approved, place the order with a local merchant referencing the unique Design Project Number issued by Grant UK’s Design Team. When Grant UK receive the confirmed order, their Design Team will then transfer the project list into a scaled underfloor heating schematic using a CAD programme. A PDF of this schematic is issued with appropriate pipe cutting list and flow rates and an A3 hard copy accompanies the order. 


Step 3: Once you have your underfloor system design, prepare the required floor area and fix the edge insulation strip continuously around all internal and external wall edges. 

Step 4: Cut and lay the floor insulation over the entire floor area butting up to the edge insulation, then tape all adjoining sections of floor insulation to prevent screed slipping through the joints.  

Step 5: Lay a membrane on top of the floor insulation (this is only required if using a liquid screed) and stick the edge insulation skirt onto the insulation board or membrane as required. 

Step 6: Using the design supplied by Grant UK, mark the system layout onto the prepared floor area and measure the maximum length of the Uflex pipe required for each loop to ensure even distribution across the floor area. 

Step 7: Fit the manifold in the required location as per the design specification. Once fitted, thread the first pipe coil end behind the return manifold and connect onto the manifold flow port. 

Step 8: Using the marked floor area, start to lay the pipe so that the flow direction is from the manifold to the coldest area of the room first. Clip the Uflex pipe into place using a stapler working back towards the return port of the manifold to complete each loop. 

Step 9: Once the pipework is complete and each loop pressure tested, a screed can then be laid up to a thickness of 75mm depending on the screed type being used, and then left to dry for the required time. The controls can then be installed, and actuators fitted on to the manifold. The heat source can then be connected, and the underfloor system commissioned. 

Step 10: Once the installation of the Uflex underfloor heating system is complete, the installer can then claim £150 cashback (full T&Cs apply) via 


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