Water-saving bathroom fixtures

Water-saving bathroom fixtures

With sustainability a growing issue, now is a great time to recommend bathroom fittings which save water, but while also creating a great experience.

As sustainability becomes an increasing concern amongst UK homeowners, finding high-quality, water-reducing products for areas like the bathroom, where most of our water consumption goes, can help to boost your installer credentials. It can also help customers to reduce their household bills – an increasing concern as the impact of inflation continues to bite.

Keith Dyson, National Technical Sales Manager at hansgrohe UK, discusses how installers are well placed to recommend products that will not only help to reduce water and energy consumption but also create great customer experiences, whilst being made to last.

In the last decade, UK homeowners have increasingly started to consider sustainability as a major part of their home renovation projects. However, to achieve a more sustainable bathroom, the last thing they want to compromise on is performance.

The technology included in latest eco showers and showerheads mean that installing water-saving options can be effective and straight-forward and, importantly, maintain the bathroom experiences many homeowners are looking for. What’s more, less water used is also less water that needs to be heated, so switching to a product with integrated sustainable technology will help your customers save on their heating bills too.

EcoSmart technology from hansgrohe for example, reduces the water flow automatically to around six to none litres per minute using various methods including mixing in air and special flow limitations. EcoSmart can be integrated into hand showers and overhead showers, using up to 60% less water than a conventional shower head.

Most importantly, your customer will still get an incredible shower experience despite the low flow rate. There are multiple spray patterns to choose from with EcoSmart shower heads including invigorating rain spray, a whirling massage spray and PowderRain – a fine spray of micro-droplets that also help to reduce noise and minimise splashing, helping to create that relaxing showering experience so many are looking for.

Stylish and sustainable
Even if sustainability is a top priority for a homeowner’s bathroom renovation project, most will be cautious about potentially compromising their own personal tastes and style to achieve this. As an installer, you can provide reassurance by recommending large product ranges that have sustainable technology integrated as standard.

For instance, EcoSmart technology comes as standard on all basin mixers which limits water flow to just five litres per minute, using up to 60% less than conventional basin mixers. EcoSmart technology is also available across a wide range of hansgrohe showering products and styles, providing a wealth of options for the eco-conscious customers on a variety of different budgets.

We have also incorporated CoolStart technology into a wide range of hansgrohe basin mixers. Achieved by adjusting the cartridge position within the mixer, CoolStart means only cold water will flow when the handle is set in the middle position. It is a simple upgrade that prevents a customer’s boiler or other heating appliance starting up unnecessarily. You can still get hot water when you need it – by deliberately turning the lever to the full hot position.

Showing the difference
Helping your customers to visualise the potential savings an upgrade to their bathroom can make through simple fixtures can be a challenge. However, there are plenty of useful resources available online that help calculate the amount of energy a household uses. You can also look out for any useful information provided by manufacturers and suppliers.

To help installers educate their customers on water reduction and how this translates in real financial savings, hansgrohe has created the Water Savings Calculator. By simply inputting the number of people in a household and the energy source it uses, you can access the financial savings made by switching to an EcoSmart product. Your customers can also include their average shower time, water costs and energy costs for more accurate results, and choose different EcoSmart products depending on their needs – including overhead showers, hand showers and taps. To access the Water Savings Calculator, click here

With the sustainability trend rising, ensuring longevity for bathroom fixtures and fittings is all too important as customers consciously look to reduce waste. We are seeing more people move away from a culture of responding to trends and replacing items regularly to carefully selecting products that will last for years to come.

But, with so many brands offering different guarantees and warranties it can be difficult to navigate the products with the most longevity. Looking out for products that guarantee every single part is a good way to provide reassurance to customers should any issues arise.

hansgrohe manufacturers its own mixer cartridges and the whole product is guaranteed by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are also able to uphold our spare parts guarantee even after the product is discontinued – for up to 15 years. This provides further peace of mind on the continuity of supply for you and your customers – allowing you to simply ‘fit and forget’.

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