WATCH: Mascot winter workwear

WATCH: Mascot winter workwear

A change in season means a change in attire and that’s never more important than in winter, but that can often mean layering in non-breathable clothing, making it hard to move and undertake daily tasks. Mascot provides solutions that fit your needs during this cold season and has a large selection of weather-protective winter wear in the form of winter jackets, winter trousers and insulating underwear. All products are hardwearing, functional, and comfortable, ensuring the wearer has freedom of movement while staying warm.

Lightweight protective jackets
Winter jackets are essential and Mascot provides a wide assortment of functional and durable winter jackets of high quality. Its winter jackets are tested to work and benefit from windproof, water-repellent, and breathable properties.

CLIMASCOT in various Mascot winter jackets is an  insulating, breathable material. At the same time, it makes the jackets feel light to wear, and ensures that you can get rid of excess heat, so you don’t get wet and then cold during the day. The fact that the material takes up very little space when compressed, means you can easily fold up your jacket and tuck it into your bag when on the go. Secondly, the lining’s lightweight nature means that it will not restrict your movement while you work. Additionally, MASCOTEX, which can also be found in some winter jackets, ensures they remain 100% waterproof.

The Mascot Advanced range is an excellent choice for those seeking a jacket that stretches with movement and has exceptional durability. The range is suitable for both men and women and provides wearers with six jacket designs to choose from, depending on your needs. With CLIMASCOT insulation, windproof, waterproof, and breathable functionality, the 17035-411 winter jacket is said to be the perfect option for the cold season.

Functional and comfortable trouser designs
Much like Mascot’s winter jackets, the winter trousers are also available in breathable, windproof, and waterproof materials, so you stay warm and dry throughout the working day. With a range of designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find trousers that suit not only your style, but your functional needs as well. There’s trousers with hammer loops and ruler pockets to ensure you have your tools close at hand, for instance. The trousers are also equipped with extended backs, which give both warmth and support at the lower back when working in different positions, ensuring the heat does not escape while you move around.

Mascot’s strength as a brand is its endless possible combinations across the ranges, which allows you to find the product with the perfect functional and colour match to suit your personal needs. Trousers come in many different fabrics, for example, and each has its own unique properties to suit your job

Mascot Advanced trousers (17031-311) are lightweight, water repellent, and have maximum stretch to ensure comfort. They also have practical front, back and thigh holster pockets made from CORDURA that can easily be zipped off when not in use, if they need to be emptied, or if the trousers need to be washed.

One must for workwear trouser comfort is having kneepads that do the job, even in the face of a long day. The stretch kneepad pockets are made with a combination of CORDURA, Kevlar and the exceptionally durable fibre, Dyneema, which makes the trousers very hard-wearing. The kneepad pockets are also adjustable for optimal position on your knees.

Form-fitting base layers
For extra winter protection, look no further than Mascot underwear for all your moisture absorption and insulating needs. You can choose from a range of shirts, trousers, and boxer shorts depending on your needs.

The “all-round lightweight underwear” (19781-794, 19899-794, 19882-794, 19881-794) is moisture absorbing and insulating, so the whole body stays dry and warm no matter what the activity level. The fabric contains polypropylene fibres, which minimise odours in the product. The product is washable at 60˚C and is quick-drying.

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