Walraven’s RapidRail – making pipework installations faster

Walraven’s RapidRail – making pipework installations faster

Whether on commercial or domestic projects, installing pipework can be a labour intensive and time-consuming task, and even more challenging when the installation is overhead.  

Designed to be faster to fit than traditional strut, Walraven’s RapidRail® is a 30mm x 20mm channel to support pipes, cable trays, ductwork and more. Its construction means it is lighter and less bulky than traditional strut making it easier to handle, especially when working overhead.  

Walraven says it has a similar performance to traditional strut, and as the system has fewer parts it is faster to assemble and install. It is available in 2m lengths and features pre-assembled slide nuts to enable faster construction   

The system has been designed so installers do not need to use any nuts, bolts, washers and stud to attach the clips. The pre-assembled slide nuts push and twist into the rail, and pipe clamps screw directly on.  

Case studies
Younger Smith Plumbing & Heating used RapidRail for first fix of pipework in a large property in Essex. With a substantial amount of pipework to install they wanted something that would be quick and easy to install.  

“This huge country house required a huge amount of pipework. Walraven’s RapidRail made this job a breeze, top quality product. It’s such a shame it’s getting covered over!” 

Chris Illingworth from WTH Heating and Plumbing has started using RapidRail for his large domestic and light commercial installations, and recently used it on a job for fabricating ceiling hanging trapeze frames. 

This installation was a large, new house which will be heated by a ground source heat pump. Chris and his team were tasked with fitting out the plant room and installing all the pipework throughout the property for the heating system. 

The installation required ceiling hanging pipe supports throughout the property. Usually Chris and his team would have used standard 41×41 channel to create trapeze frame supports for suspended pipework. On this occasion Chris decided to try Walraven RapidRail which weighs less than 1kg per metre, to see if using a lighter channel with fully pre-assembled fixings would make the job easier. 

Walraven RapidRail 30×20 was used on this job for both the wall-mounted pipework and for fabricating trapeze frames to carry the pipes through the ceiling space. The trapeze frames were constructed using two Walraven RapidRail pieces with Walraven RapidRail slide nuts to drop the threaded rod down and connect the two pieces of rail. The company’s Hammerfix nuts with pre-cut stud were used to attach the pipe clips. 

Chris commented: “Part of the reason for using Walraven RapidRail is the fact it’s light and easy to use at height on the scaffolds whilst installing the framework. This, alongside the really easy slide nut and Hammerfix connectors that just twist into the rail, really helped bring the installation time down from what we estimated it would be using the heavier 41×41 channel product. The system really exceeded our expectations and made the install at height much easier.” 

Image: WTH Heating and Plumbing

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