Top-Fix: a new solution for fitting wastes from above

Top-Fix: a new solution for fitting wastes from above

Fitting a shower or sink waste can be one of the slightly awkward jobs, with plumbers often needing to simultaneously coordinate what is going on both above and below the sink or shower in order to fit the waste. Designed to make the task easier, Mark Vitow Ltd has introduced Top-Fix – a solution that means the waste can be fitted from above. 

A two-piece solution, which is ‘dropped-in’ through the waste hole from above, means no parts need to be held in place from below the sink or shower. Once in place, the two main pieces of Top-Fix are then tightened with a bolt, pulling them together and creating a seal.  

The 14mm bolt which runs through the center of the unit can be tightened using either a ‘key’ (which is supplied in the box) or with a drill with a 14mm socket set. If the installer is using a drill, the company recommends the use of a low setting to make sure the threads of the bolt are protected. 

The action of tightening the bolt draws the two parts of Top-Fix together, with the bottom pulled back against the underside of the sink or shower. This creates a seal which the company says is ‘100% watertight’. It says that there is no need for any sealant – which can help make the job less messy and allow plumbers to keep the work area clean and tidy.  

The solution has been engineered to work with all UK plumbing systems, both older sinks and showers and modern ones. 

Installer Andy Cam has been trying out Top-Fix and said: “The Top-Fix solution requires no washers and no silicone making it a lot cleaner and a lot quicker to fit. You fit it from above, tighten up the screw and its done.”  

Top-Fix is being brought to the market by Mark Vitow Ltd, the company’s Commercial Director, James Cranham, said: “Top-Fix represents a simple solution to an awkward problem – making an everyday plumbing product easier and quicker to install, saving the installer time, money and effort. The fully patented technology means a hassle free and leak free installation, meaning no costly call backs.” 

James concluded: “The products themselves have been in design and development for several years and engineered to the highest of standards. The result is one of the simplest yet most impressive innovations that I’ve seen in the industry.” 

Mark Vitow is the official distributor of Top-Fix. 

Take a look at a video of the product here:

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