The Glow-worm Compact: everything you need to know

The Glow-worm Compact: everything you need to know

Six months on from the launch of Glow-worm’s new Compact boiler, PHPI caught up with Spencer Clark, Commercial Director for UK & Ireland, to discover more about the new unit and how it is being received by installers. 

With a name like Compact this boiler must have a pretty small footprint. What are its dimensions and what were your reasons for developing the unit?
The Compact is one of the smallest boilers on the market with a casing size of just 626x400mm. It has been developed following installer feedback which found homeowners are increasingly seeking smaller boilers that don’t compromise on performance.

So the unit will fit inside a kitchen cupboard?
Yes, the 25mm spacer frame allows for piping behind the boiler while still fitting in standard 300mm cupboard. This gives installers that extra versatility when faced with a homeowner seeking a combi boiler which can be placed out of sight or that will be unobtrusive in a smaller kitchen or utility.

This is a challenge that is often felt by static caravan owners too, which is why the Glow-worm Compact boiler is also ideal for caravan retrofit projects.

What models are in the range?
The Compact is available in natural gas and LPG models in both 24 and 28kW outputs, offering installers a proven solution for properties both on and off the mains gas network without compromising on performance.

Does the boiler replace any older Glow-worm models?
The Compact is an extension of the existing Glow-worm range and it also comes complete with a 5-year guarantee. The addition of the Compact means regardless of whether the property is located off mains gas grid, or where space is at a premium, we can provide homeowners with a complete, reliable, and cost-effective heating solution that doesn’t compromise on performance.

With heating engineers being increasingly busy, does Compact offer any installer friendly features to help them fit the boiler quickly and efficiently?
Working alongside installers on the development of the Compact means we’ve been able to ensure the boiler comes packed with features to support a quick and efficient installation. The Compact offers a lightweight design and a built-in hanging bracket, which allows for adaptable and fast installation, meaning installers can gain back valuable time to use on other jobs.

It also has a stainless steel heat exchanger to provide even greater protection against corrosion for older systems, helping to increase the life of the boiler.

Also, as it comes part of the Glow-worm ‘Unbelievabundle’, the Compact includes the necessary flue and the Glow-worm Power System filter, meaning installers can choose one easy package, speeding up the quoting process.

And to further widen the appeal to homeowners, all Glow-worm boilers registered via Club Energy offer a boiler match guarantee, meaning any Glow-worm control fitted with the Compact will also benefit from a five-year guarantee.

The Compact has a new user interface – what are the features of this new display?
The new user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind. The large touch screen makes installation and commissioning much quicker and easier for installers, while the sleek design is easy for homeowners to operate too.  The interface also matches Glow-worm’s MiSet controls, which offer a modern touchscreen solution.

What kind of feedback have you had from installers?
The fact that hundreds of thousands have already been sold across the European market is a testament to its popularity.

But don’t just take our word for it, our Glow-worm installers have been impressed too. Martin Durbis, an installer from Abbotsford Plumbing commented: “The touch screen interface and built-in bracket on the Compact meant installation was quick and easy. The clue is in the name, but being such a compact boiler, it also meant that it could be installed out of sight within a kitchen cupboard, which was ideal for the homeowner.

“The bonus that the Compact also comes with the accompanying flue and Power System Filter means I’m now able to provide customers with an incredibly great value option with the Glow-worm name they trust.”

Aaran McIndoe, owner at Heat Ayr, said: “We’ve been involved in a lot of caravan installs lately so the LPG option of the Compact has been ideal as not only does its size mean we’ve not needed to worry about where we can install the boiler, but the fact it is so light as well has been handy when we’re installing in tight spaces too.”

Are there any plans to develop the range over time?
Glow-worm is committed to innovation, and we are constantly looking at ways to create and enhance our products for our installers and homeowners. With this in mind, we are looking at ways we can develop the range over time, both in relation to the boiler itself, but also its complementary parts such as the flue, filter and even supporting controls.

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