Streamline admin with Job Management Software

Streamline admin with Job Management Software

From small teams to big business, job management software can streamline admin, track finances, help you stay compliant and transform your company, says James Chillman, UK Country Manager at Fergus. 

The start of the year is a prime time to reflect on your business journey. While it might be the most rewarding venture you’ve embarked upon, the daily grind of managing a plumbing and heating company can become a taxing, even daunting, endeavour. But there are some simple things you can do to alleviate the stress and approach the new year with a fresh perspective and new vigour – and job management software might just be the key.  

Cut the paper
If you’re still relying on manual, paper-based systems, stop. It might seem simple to use spreadsheet, paper invoices and store customer files, but manual recording and paperwork is always at risk of human error which can lead to inefficiencies, poor cash flow and added stress. And the better your business does, the more paperwork comes in and the less time you have to complete it. Job management software lets you generate quick quotes, invoices, create digital job cards and streamline certification processes. You can also store important information about each job in one place so it’s easy to access information about current jobs, previous jobs, customers, invoices and materials used. 

Focus on finance 
If you want to build your business in 2024, then keeping a close eye on the profit levels of each and every job is a good way to start. Material costs are continuing to rise so the last thing you need is to overbuy or overspend. Business management software can see how a job is tracking and how much it’s making or costing you. It will tell you if a job is running over budget and give you insights into what’s going wrong before you lose your margin. It can oversee stock levels and highlight areas where resources are being overused which prevents waste and excessive inventory build-up and gives you a solid control over stock levels. It can even enable automatic reordering when supplies run low. 

Seize the moment
With the amount of work that goes into organising quotes for potential customers, it can sometimes be easier just to turn the job down. But that means losing out on possible revenue. Job management software makes it easy to seize every chance to take on new jobs. As inquiries come in, it’s easy to quickly assess the work content, fill in a new job card on the platform and get the quotation out of the door very quickly.  

Track late payments 
Chasing payment is a horrible part of anyone’s job – and can be incredibly time consuming. Job management software can lift that load. It allows you to keep track of who has paid invoices and who hasn’t, so you can make sure they do. Software like Fergus, for instance, uses automatic SMS reminders to follow up on late payments after 30 days, without you having to lift a finger (or a phone). 

Keep HMRC happy
An important way to be financially prepared is by marking important tax dates on your calendar. HMRC often has specific deadlines (January 31st 2024 for example is the deadline for digital self-assessment and to pay any tax you already owe), so it’s vital to stay organised and meet these dates to prevent any penalties. The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a tax deduction scheme overseen by HMRC that applies to both contractors and subcontractors that ensures fair tax collection from those engaged in construction work. Contractors have the responsibility of deducting money from their subcontractors’ payments and forwarding it to HMRC as advance tax payments. Fergus makes managing CIS payments easier thanks to its integration with accountancy packages. 

Secure records
Issuing gas certificates is a vital part of the job and it is important to keep accurate records for transparency, ongoing maintenance and to protect yourself from potential liabilities. But creating gas safety certificates can be time-consuming, involving lots of paperwork and manual tasks. With Fergus, you can create digital gas and plumbing certificates in minutes, using a range of certificate templates, pre-filled customer information and digital customer signatures, all on the Fergus Go app.   

Manage stress
If you’re someone who feels they must personally oversee every aspect of the business, make it your New Year’s resolution in 2024 to step back. Not everything has to be done by you directly. Some things you can automate and have done at a set time. Job management software can reduce admin work; you can schedule meetings, send confirmations, view your calendar and provide notifications for any changes or delays. The software will also allow you to communicate with clients, sending appointment reminders, service updates and follow-up messages ensuring that clients are well-informed without it consuming excessive amounts of your time. The software can also track services performed and costs incurred so generating invoices becomes really simple.  

Businesses of any size can adopt job management software without it costing the earth. Fergus Essentials is designed specifically for sole traders or small teams in the trades industry. Priced from just £19 per user per month, it can track jobs, create quotes and estimates, manage invoices and keep your calendar and timesheets in order. Fergus Pro caters to the needs of larger companies, providing a full suite of powerful job management services with features like advanced project management, team collaboration tools, real-time reporting and enhanced customisation options.  

Job management software is a straightforward technological innovation that, by streamlining a wide array of administrative tasks, can alleviate stress and unveil pockets of time you didn’t know were there.  

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