Showerwall | wall panelling options for installers

Showerwall | wall panelling options for installers

John Bagshaw, Managing Director at Showerwall, reveals what’s now available for modern bathroom décor.

Gone are the days when tiling was the only option for bathroom walls. Wall panelling is taking the market by storm, giving installers and homeowners stylish new options that are easy to fit and keep clean.

Tiles may well be the traditional choice for shower enclosures, bath surrounds and basin splashbacks but the time and hassle associated with grouting and keeping them clean has long been a bugbear for trade professionals and homeowners. Wall panelling has been available as an alternative for some years, but design choices have historically been quite limited, perhaps slowing its mass market appeal in its early days.

Today, the wall panelling market could not be more different. Hundreds of design choices are now available, ranging from tile-effect designs and replica marble finishes to wallpaper-inspired prints.

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