Q&A: Wirquin Neo

Q&A: Wirquin Neo

Part of a range of basin and sink traps, Wirquin Neo is a ‘zero-leak’ bottle trap. PHPI speaks with Kim Blacktin, Head of Category Management at the company, to find out how this is achieved and learn a little more about the installation benefits.

How does Neo eliminate the risk of leaks?
Thanks to its over-moulded washers (bi-injection technology) directly integrated into the trap, washers are always well positioned and in place. This means no more loss of washers and total protection against leaks.

How simple is the unit to install and clean?
Installation could not be easier. The patented “quick-safe” function allows instant installation without tools and 100% waterproof. The ¼ turn nut allows quick and flawless installation and saves installation time.

Cleaning is also simple, the ¼ turn opening nut means the base is easy to dismantle after installation, so therefore easy to clean.

Part of the range is Neo Air. What is the purpose of the ‘Air’ system and how does it work?
Wirquin NEO AIR innovative “air system” function acts as an integrated ventapipe air admittance valve (AAV) to prevent the rise of bad odours and noise in the pipes. When a vacuum is created in the pipes, it sucks in the air, but also the water contained in the trap which then causes noise and lets out bad smells.

Thanks to its integrated ventapipe air admittance valve (AAV), the pipes are naturally ventilated: when a vacuum is created in the pipes the Wirquin NEO AIR membrane opens, creating ventilation and thus prevents the suction of the water seal.

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