Q&A: TankBoost from Salamander Pumps

Q&A: TankBoost from Salamander Pumps

Following the launch of its new TankBoost system, Mike Oxley, Training Manager at Salamander Pumps, chats with PHPI about how the new solution can help properties with low mains water flow/pressure. 

Q. Why has Salamander Pumps introduced TankBoost?

Salamander Pumps designed and developed TankBoost to be the perfect solution to properties with low mains water flow/pressure or restricted mains pipework where a water supply is required above 36l/min, for multiple outlets to be used across multiple floors – all at the same time. 

A single unit solution, TankBoost is suitable for overcoming insufficient water pressure and flow in combi or unvented systems, in mains fed systems.  

An extension of the MainsBooster range, TankBoost allows multiple outlets (e.g two showers) to run at the same time, without a loss of performance if another outlet is opened (e.g washing machine, toilet, kitchen tap…). 

An increasing number of old gravity fed systems are being replaced by mains fed water systems, such as combi boilers and unvented systems. However, the efficiency of an upgraded mains system will depend on the mains supply feeding it.  

In cases where households and properties require a large amount of water, the main supply may frequently be insufficient to meet the required demand. 

The water pressure and/or flow can be negatively affected when multiple outlets are used simultaneously, especially on higher floors of a property, such as a loft conversion with an ensuite. This can result in poor performance and make it difficult to extend the property with additional bathrooms. 

TankBoost has now been brought to market to fulfil the fundamental need to optimise water performance to multiple outlets in large, multi-storey properties.

Q. How does TankBoost help to improve water flow and pressure?

TankBoost is an all-in-one unit made up of a water storage tank and integrated submerged pump. It will increase both pressure and flow, delivering up to 3.0 bar and 80L/min.  

In large, multi-storey properties, TankBoost overcomes water performance issues by providing additional cold-water storage boosted by the integral submersible pump.  

Even suitable for use with a restrictive incoming main water pipe (typically lead mains), TankBoost has been designed to meet the water pressure and flow needs of domestic and light commercial installations, with four tank sizes available ranging from 100L to 450L, increasing both pressure and flow. This generous flow rate is typically higher than the average domestic property would require, meaning it can easily handle multiple showers operating at once, for example. 

Additional storage tanks are also available to increase capacity for large properties with higher water flow demand or those with particularly low incoming flow rates.

Q. What level of performance can it deliver?

TankBoost does not rely on the incoming mains pressure as it uses a submersible pump to deliver the pressure and flow required for each outlet.  

Therefore, where the water flow required is in excess of 36 L/min and pressure required in excess of 2.0 bar, TankBoost will ensure optimal water performance by delivering flow rates up to 80L/min and pressures up to 3.0 Bar. 

As water is replenished when in use, the product is ideal for even the busiest homes where showers, taps, toilets and more are being used at the same time.

Q. What is the size of the unit and whereabouts can it be sited? 

With 100L, 200L, 350L and 450L sizes available, TankBoost has been developed to enable the correct amount of water storage for each application. 

Designed with appearance in mind, TankBoost has a sleek front fascia, making the product more aesthetically pleasing than other products of its kind currently on the market.  

Coupled with its flexibility in terms of water storage, usage requirements and availability of space, TankBoost can fit within 600mm tall larder units, storage cupboards and pantries without comprising space within the property.  

For installations where the product cannot be hidden, TankBoost’s white front fascia panel provides the appearance of a domestic appliance fitting that can be found in a kitchen or bathroom setting. 

Although the typical application for the product is a larger dwelling, with several floors and bathrooms, TankBoost can also service smaller properties due to its compact size.  

Q. As TankBoost is increasing the flow and pressure, what level of noise does it make?

As TankBoost is fitted with a high-quality stainless-steel, centrifugal pump submerged within the tank, the product remains extremely quiet throughout operation.

Q. Is TankBoost suited to both domestic and light commercial applications?

As TankBoost is available in four different sizes, from 100L to 450L, the product is capable of servicing properties of all sizes. Where a property has particularly high water demand, and space is not an issue, tanks can be linked with additional storage units to increase capacity. 

CAT5 variants and additional water storage tanks are also available as part of the range, enabling it to be the perfect solution for commercial applications as well. 

Q. Up to what size of project would TankBoost be an appropriate solution?

With its ability to handle mains water flow and pressure for larger properties wanting to run multiple outlets at once, TankBoost is suitable for detached family homes of four or more bedrooms, story town houses with loft conversions, properties with multiple ensuites, HMOs, social housing settings, boutique hotels and B&Bs. 

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