Q&A: Enhancing water heating control

Q&A: Enhancing water heating control

The Velis Evo Wi-Fi from Ariston is designed to deliver customers enhanced levels of control over their water heating. PHPI spoke with Victoria Gutierrez, Head of Marketing at Ariston, to discover how this is achieved and to find out more about the unit.

Many customers are increasingly looking for more control over their water heating. How does the Velis Evo Wi-Fi help achieve this?
The state-of-the-art Velis Evo Wi-Fi was named ‘Best Hot Water Innovation’ at the Green Home Awards 2021 and is the first and only electric water heater of its kind currently certified for the UK market with Wi-Fi controllability – thanks to the innovative Aqua Ariston Net app.

This sophisticated app provides end users with full control and monitoring from their smartphones. They can shuffle through modes and turn the unit on remotely for a hot shower at the perfect time – while benefitting from energy savings of up to 25% using daily and weekly programming.

The sustainability credentials of the Velis Evo range are further enhanced by Ariston’s pioneering ‘ECO EVO’ function. This electronic control automatically learns homeowners’ water usage habits, allowing energy savings of up to 14%; the equivalent to running an A+ rated fridge-freezer for approximately a year.

In addition, there is a LED Blue Tech touchscreen display, which indicates hot water availability, water temperature, Wi-Fi control and error codes for easy diagnostics.

What type of applications is Velis Evo Wi-Fi designed for?
In modern homes, one of the key issues is space – or rather, the lack of it. Indeed, the average UK property measures just 92 square metres in size, while shrinking further in city centres. However, converting to a tankless water heater system can help free up some much-needed space in a variety of properties.

The Velis Evo Wi-Fi unit is a modern and space saving alternative to a traditional 100-litre cylinder, making it perfect for small apartments, studios and loft conversions. This is particularly advantageous for homes with an unvented hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard, as the cylinder can be replaced by a more compact unit without compromising hot water availability or performance.

The unit features a twin tank structure. What is this and what benefits does it bring?
The Velis Evo Wi-Fi boasts an innovative, high quality twin tank structure, which is unprecedented in the UK. Each tank is titanium enamelled for added durability, with one tank housing cold water coming into the unit and hot water stored in the other. Ariston’s unique twin tank technology ensures hot water does not mix with the cold, reducing stratification – and providing up to 16% more hot water when compared to other electric storage water heaters. This also ensures the unit is shower ready in less than half an hour.

Water heaters often need to be installed where there is limited room. Is the Velis Evo Wi-Fi suited for fitting in small spaces?
The Velis Evo Wi-Fi is the slimmest electric water heater in its category – it is only 27cm deep and fits inside an airing cupboard with ease. This is ideal when you consider how much space is at a premium inside modern UK homes.

This is in stark contrast to traditional hot water cylinders, which are heavy and unwieldly when it comes to lifting, manoeuvring and installation – as well as rather large. It makes sense to remove the cylinder and replace it with a Velis Evo Wi-Fi water heater in order to free up and maximise valuable space.

Is there anything else installers need to know?
Dry heating technology within the unit provides additional safety against short-circuits, thanks to the heating elements being encased. This also results in increased protection against limescale and allows for quick replacement of the heating elements without draining the tank.

The water heater is the perfect combination of comfort and premium Italian design, while it offers rapid reheat times and is shower ready in less than 30 minutes. Available in capacities of 45 and 80 litres, all Velis Evo Wi-Fi models measure just 27cm in depth and benefit from titanium enamelled tank engineering – ensuring exceptional durability and extended product life.

Each unit is also supplied with an unvented kit, as well as a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

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