PRODUCT TEST: Swarfega Tough Screen sun cream

PRODUCT TEST: Swarfega Tough Screen sun cream

Our resident bronzed Adonis, Roger Bisby, takes his place in the sun.

It’s all very well the experts telling us that we should keep covered up when the sun is shining – indeed, skin cancer is no joke – but when you consider the extremes of weather that tradespeople often have to put up with on site, a few rays are always welcome.

All year round
Such is the unpredictable nature of the UK weather, it’s hard to define when summer conclusively begins and ends. When you consider that the last few years have actually seen the temperature charts soaring in September and October, sun protection really should be looked at as an all-year-round consideration – particularly for those who are fair skinned and may be exposed to the sun when working outside or where there is little shade or protection from light that is beaming in through windows.

Swarfega might seem an unlikely company to have added a sunscreen to its range but, come to think of it, why not? After all, its hand cleaners, barrier creams and general skin restoration products have set the benchmark for many years, and sunscreen essentially falls into the overall ‘skin protection’ bracket.

Cream of the crop
The Swarfega Tough Screen sun cream is a proper industrial strength Factor 30 product that offers real protection, meaning you can slap some on (even on a cloudy day) if you want to avoid burning. It’s also water resistant so it shouldn’t run off as you work up a sweat. The non-greasy formula means that tools won’t slip from your grip either.

Those users that dislike the smell of coconut oil or aloe vera will be very pleased to hear that the product is zero odour. However, I’ve always been a fan of the above-mentioned smells as they remind me of good times. Besides, installers have to put up with so many unpleasant odours in the course of their work. A little certainly goes a long way with this product, so there’s no need to slather on crazy amounts each time you top-up.

If you’re after reliable protection from the elements, manufactured by real experts in this particular field, then Swarfega’s Tough Screen sun cream offers a welcome ray of sunshine.

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