TruckMinder, a software and technology company, has focused its attention on fighting tool theft, with ToolDefend. PHPI reports.

The UK company has used its existing technology to provide an off the shelf device which protects tools when left in your vehicle. The secret of the autonomous system lies within the sensors. The software is programmed to intelligently recognise only the disturbances indicative of an attempted theft – when an attack on the vehicle takes place, a 120db alarm is triggered, with a text message sent to the owner who can respond accordingly. The new pager is GPS orientated and will give you an exact position of your vehicle.

The ToolDefend device does not connect to the main vehicle alarm, and therefore is not deactivated when thieves use traditional methods. ToolDefend can be self-installed and comes supplied with a SIM configured to the tradesperson’s mobile. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for arming and disarming the system.

The tradesperson’s view
Bradley, a tradesman from Dorset, had this to say: “ToolDefend was a no-brainer for me. We had a few vans targeted recently where I live, and I am always hearing about mates who’ve lost thousands on tools being stolen. I wanted extra security and to know if an attack is attempted. It was easy to order, arrived smoothly and I installed it myself. Worth every penny.”

ToolDefend is available for as little as £360 +VAT (including SIM). For more details, visit

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