Open new business opportunities with heat pump controllers

Open new business opportunities with heat pump controllers

Controllers for heat pumps are now smarter and have the potential to open up new business opportunities for installers, explains Andy Smith, National Sales Manager at Grant UK.

Smart controllers are becoming more popular with homeowners; research indicates a growing trend in the adoption of smart technologies in the home, with households across the nation embracing voice-controlled lighting, heating, security and other smart home functions. According to a report by Statista, as of 2023, approximately 35 per cent of UK households have at least one smart home device, with this number projected to increase to over 50 per cent by 2025.

Heat pumps are also now well and truly in the smart controller era, with controls available that enable users to operate their systems remotely. Not only that, many controls have diagnostic capabilities too, alerting homeowners, installers and engineers to any issues with the heat pump, which can prevent minor problems from escalating into major repairs.

Business Opportunities
This predictive maintenance can help ensure the longevity of the equipment, potentially saving money and reducing environmental impact over time. For installers, these features can also open up new business opportunities – moving from a reactive heat pump servicing model to a more proactive one. By offering remote diagnostics and maintenance, installers can potentially reduce physical visits, optimise their schedules and provide a higher level of service.

Smart control kits, like those by Grant UK that are tailored for use with the Aerona air source heat pump range, blend advanced technology with easy-to-use touch screen displays, making it easy to programme daily or weekly heating schedules and timing for domestic hot water and regulate room temperatures.

Remote Access
The Aerona Smart Controller also comes with a WiFi Hub and once this is installed, an accompanying app and supporting web portal can be used which give remote access to the controller, as well as giving access to error codes and diagnostics information to assist with remote system support.

With the ability to independently adjust the heating curve for each zone, the controller calculates the optimum flow temperature for the heat pump in relation to the conditions outside of the property. It is also compatible with both wired and wireless thermostats, enabling precise temperature control for individual heating zones.

Homeowners tend to like a range of options and, for those that have chosen the Aerona Remote Controller, there is the option of using the Homely Heat Pump Optimisation Controls. This is an easy to install smart controller that can manage two heating zones and domestic hot water. It uses wireless sensors and predictive software that forecasts heating needs based on upcoming weather, ensuring the heat pump operates at peak efficiency. With a subscription, users can also utilise agile tariffs for further cost savings

Manufacturers, like Grant UK, offer installers training on heat pump installation and how to set up the controllers. The two day Heat Pump installation training course covers the Grant Aerona³ heat pump including construction, principles of operation, electrical wiring, controller settings, sizing and selection of the correct unit to suit the property concerned, installation considerations and requirements, and commissioning the complete system. The training is held throughout the year at Grant’s state of the art Swindon HQ, or at training centres in Hawes, North Yorkshire, Norwich and Livingston

Recognising that not every installer will need full heat pump training, existing Grant heat pump installers can also access smart controller training via the company’s eLearning Academy. |Visit and create an account using the enrolment key GUKWEB0820.

A new playlist of handy videos about the Aerona Smart Controller are also available to watch on Grant UK’s YouTube Channel. The videos, which aim to support installers and engineers, provide an overview of this smart heat pump controller as well sharing step-by-step demonstrations on how to set the core settings.

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