Mascot: Ultimate Stretch fabric technology

Mascot: Ultimate Stretch fabric technology

Experience maximum freedom of movement with Mascot’s Ultimate Stretch.

What are the advantages of wearing Ultimate Stretch clothing on site for tradespeople?
This dynamic material stretches in all directions. It is so flexible, in fact, that you’ll barely notice you are wearing it. Clothing that features Ultimate Stretch will not leave you feeling weighed down by thick, heavy fabrics. On the contrary, you get lightweight, hardwearing workwear with maximum freedom of movement.

How does it achieve that level of comfort and flexibility?
Ultimate Stretch feels completely different to work trousers made with fabrics that don’t stretch, or have a little stretch. Work trousers in this material follow your body into all possible positions. Whether you are working on your knees, in an unusual position or standing on a ladder, nothing feels tight or troubling. Not only that, the pockets are integrated into the design, which means that full consideration has been given to ensure a perfect fit and freedom of movement – even when your pockets are full.

What products are available in Ultimate Stretch?
In the collection you can find a wide selection of workwear and safety footwear for a multitude of professions and trades. No matter your job, it is important to have high freedom of movement throughout the working day. That’s why you’ll also find durable work trousers and work jackets in Ultimate Stretch fabric. Moreover, in both the Accelerate and Advanced range you will find workwear trousers in several different fits, leg lengths, and a range of colours.

Is Ultimate Stretch hardwearing enough for the construction industry?
Our stretch fabric is one of the most durable fabrics available on the market today. The fabric is tested in a lab to ensure high colour fastness, tear strength and wear resistance and the garments are tested by tradesmen at work, allowing us to optimise features, details and fit.

Durability is crucial when you are working in an industry where your workwear is put under pressure, and that’s why we develop our own high quality textiles to be able to offer the best products fit for purpose. In order to increase the life of your workwear, for example, Mascot uses CORDURA fabric on all high wear places, such as kneepad pockets, holster pockets and ruler pockets. CORDURA is a super hard wearing solution that is three times stronger than cotton.

How is Mascot ensuring that its products are sustainable as well as high performance?
Durability is a form of responsibility. Products with a long wear life are good business but they are also good for the environment. The production of workwear inevitably leaves a global footprint and, by producing clothing that lasts a long time, Mascot maximises the use of raw materials and, therefore, prolongs the time before energy and emissions need to be used in making replacements.

With the winter months upon us, tradespeople will be looking for workwear that will stand up to the cold and wet…
Products in Ultimate Stretch are water-repellent so there is no need to change on wet days on site. When wintertime is approaching, it is essential to be properly dressed. With winter comes changing weather conditions and, therefore, winter clothes must be able to withstand the cold, rain and wind – and Mascot Workwear does just.

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