Making the right light choice

Making the right light choice

Paul Pugh, Head of Marketing at C.K Tools, explains why light choice and quality of light is paramount in dark and confined spaces

Working in dark or confined spaces becomes that little bit harder in the winter months when brighter, natural light is less abundant. On top of that, the shorter days mean a reduction in working hours and extra days needed to complete a job, which if course is no good for anyone’s margin. And of course, darker environments are not the friend of health and safety, no matter how careful you think you are.

But that can all be countered with the help of effective lighting, and what many don’t consider is that the source of light is just as important as the tools being used on the job – if not more so. Whether it’s an inspection light, head torch, tripod, or hand-held portable work light, there’s more to consider than just having a reliable light source, and it can be the difference in making the right join in low light environments, or simply making it home in one piece.

Choosing the right type of lighting for a job depends on whether it’s needed inside or outside and there’s certain things that need to be accounted for. If it’s outside, does it impact neighbours or passing motorists with the direction the light is pointing? Can the site entrance be navigated properly?

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