Low profile waste – the benefits

Low profile waste – the benefits

Part of a range of shower wastes, Slim is a low-profile solution for low-level shower trays. PHPI spoke to Kim Blacktin, Head of Category Management at Wirquin, to find out more about the benefits. 

Q. What applications has the Slim+ range of wastes been designed for?
SLIM+ can be used with 90mm shower trays with an outlet thickness of up to 25mm. Thanks to the SMART membrane cartridge the SLIM+ is only 40 mm in height, ideal for low profile shower trays. 

Q. How does the solution prevent bad smells and back siphoning?
The patented SLIM+ membrane cartridge is equipped with a silicone membrane which acts as a one-way check valve; opens when water passes and closes automatically afterwards, ensuring optimal drainage. Its external bi-injected washer provides a perfect seal with the waste body itself.   

Shower wastes with a traditional water seal are prone to back-siphoning when negative pressure is created in the pipework. As the SLIM+ membrane is a physical barrier, it cannot be back-siphoned, SLIM+ is guaranteed to protect against bad smells. 

The membrane is resistant to more than 15,000 opening/closing cycles without any distortion or decrease in performance. This is equivalent to 10 years of use for a four-person household.

Q. What flow rates can the waste handle?
The SLIM+ offers a high-performance flow rate up to 32 L/min, 33% higher than British Standard requirements (BS EN274) under 15mm of water. When tested under a 10mm of water, the flowrate is still up to 25% higher than BS EN274. Even in extreme conditions, the flowrate is still more than adequate.

Q. What are the installation benefits that help to speed-up the job?
Thanks to the Bi injected washer under the tray, SLIM+ offers a reliable installation, guaranteed to be 100% leakproof. The stainless-steel fixing plate combined with the three stainless-steel screws with brass inserts, ensure a reliable fixing to shower tray.  

Slim+ also has a universal outlet which can speed up any job. The SLIM+ is manufactured from ABS and can be connected to the waste pipe by either a compression fit (PP) or solvent weld (ABS) without the need for any adaptors. 

To support the installer, SLIM+ has been designed with an integrated 2% slope within the waste body to aid a correct fall on the waste pipe for optimal drainage.

Q. Is it straightforward to maintain/clean?
The membrane cartridge contains an independent hair catcher that can be removed easily from above, without removing the complete cartridge for quick and easy cleaning.   

The complete cartridge can be removed for a deeper clean and to provide direct access to the pipework in the case of blockages in the waste pipe.  

Q. Décor is important to all homeowners. What finishes are available to help match the design of the bathroom?
The SLIM+ range currently has a choice of four stylish finishes to compliment any bathroom; Chrome plated ABS dome, Brushed Nickel dome, Brushed stainless steel grid and Black touch dome. In addition to this, Wirquin also supply SLIM+ without a finish for customers to supply their own finish. 

Q. Does the product provide any benefits from a sustainability point-of-view?
An additional benefit of the SLIM+ is that it contributes to preserving natural resources by fighting against leaks and encouraging smart cleaning without the use of chemical products. Thanks to its compactness the shower waste uses 30% less plastic compared to the first Slim generation. Sustainable, SLIM+ is manufactured in France with a new generation press that consumes 50% less electricity, packaged in the smallest recyclable cardboard and guaranteed for 10 years. 

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