How power tool tech can save you time and money

How power tool tech can save you time and money

Nick Chan, Marketing Manager at HiKOKI Power Tools, explains how the latest professional power tool technology can help heating and plumbing engineers save time and money.

We get asked the same question a lot: why should a plumbing or heating engineer invest in a professional, high performance power tool when you can get what, at first, looks like the same tool for half the price? The answer is straightforward – not all power tools are the same and the best ones can even improve a tradesperson’s profitability.

It might be a larger initial outlay, but the fact is, choosing the high performance, professional power tool over the cheaper, less powerful tool, will undoubtedly save time and money.  The power to get jobs done faster and more efficiently, means more profit and the opportunity to move onto the next job. Their reliability means less downtime or outlay on new tools or repairs and superior warranties mean more peace of mind and less outlay again for repairs or new tools.

Battery power
It’s an obvious one, but having the battery power to get through really tough jobs efficiently is important. Tools with HiKOKI’s Multi Volt Li-Ion battery, for instance, provide users with awesome mains-like power, with all the freedom and convenience associated with cordless tools.

Multi Volt technology makes it possible to use 36V battery packs with 18V machines. Intelligent connecting technology makes it possible for the battery pack to detect whether it is being used on an 18 Volt or a 36 Volt device, and automatically adjust the voltage. If we use the analogy of cars, both a 1L and 2L engine can do 70mph, but the 2L engine is using less of its capacity to get there, therefore increasing the fuel efficiency and engine life.

Take, for example, the new C3606DA cordless circular saw. In comparison to current 18 Volt machines, the Multi Volt version is up to 30% faster. The 36 Volt tool requires half the amperage of an 18 Volt tool to achieve the same power. Due to the lower amperage and an integrated cooling system, the battery pack heats up much more slowly. This has a positive effect on the battery’s capacity and working life: the battery pack can deliver its full power over a longer period of time. This high performance Multi Volt tool will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Tools like the HiKOKI DH36DPA SDS-Plus Hammer Drill also benefits from the battery and brushless motor technology, and for installers looking to demolish, renovate and make room for pipework, you will benefit from mains like power, without the need for a generator or access to a power supply.

Brushless motors
Look out for brushless motor technology on cordless and mains powered tools. These tools improve efficiency, increase safety and provide a longer life. This in turn drives costs down for users.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a power tool failing mid-job simply because it needs to be charged. With the huge improvement in efficiency this is no longer a pressing consideration. A brushless motor can increase working time by up to 40% when used on longer high-volume drilling jobs. Brushless motors work particularly well in big cordless grinders and hammer drills because these tend to be overworked by users.

Brushless motors increase work time in other areas too. Cheaper tools may use brushed motors where the carbon brushes are in constant contact with the commutator during use. This friction will mean that the brushes will need to be replaced as they wear out over time with use, putting the tool out of action for a while at least. And due to the more compact design compared to brushed motors, incorporating the brushless motor permits a reduction in size and weight of tools for easier handling so you can keep going for longer.

Efficiency gains
The cross platform flexibility of the Multi Volt battery means you can use the same battery on a variety of tools, reducing the number of batteries needed (or needing to be checked that they are charged) and making for more efficient workflow.

Multi Volt offers more power and durability than ever before, meaning their performance often matches that of their corded counterparts. These professional grade cordless tools have the added advantage that you can take a cordless tool anywhere, with no leads to trip on, and you don’t have to carry heavy transformers around either. This all makes for efficient working and time in the bank for more jobs to get done.

User safety
There is another important advantage of high performance power tools – user safety. The best manufacturers build individual safety features into different types of tool, like our super safe nailers, drills, saws and breakers.  Take HiKOKI’s Reactive Force Control (RFC) for instance, which stops the tool torqueing violently under load, protecting the user, while User Vibration Protection (UVP) dampening is built into the tool to reduce the level of vibration transferred to the user.

More generally, tools with brushless motors increase operator safety and overload protection. They don’t generate the same heat as there are no carbon brushes and can’t be burnt out. They also offer better protection on kick-back control when operating. Some manufacturers such as HiKOKI also have power cut out technology, which keeps the operator safe too.

Although it can be tempting to go cheap, investing in a solid, professional power tool will repay you and the choice you make over and over again.

Protect your investment
More expensive tools should come with a warranty. For example, most HiKOKI tools, for added peace of mind, are backed up with an automatic three-year warranty, and a five-year warranty is available on some tools, subject to the tool being registered online and subject to terms and conditions. With a warranty, your investment is protected and should the worst happen, it can be repaired and parts replaced.

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