Foyne Jones | “We need to keep traditional trade skills alive”

Foyne Jones | “We need to keep traditional trade skills alive”

Peter Jones, Managing Director at recruitment specialist Foyne Jones, discusses the importance of keeping traditional trade skills alive.

As businesses up and down the land weigh up their short, medium and long term plans in the wake of COVID and Brexit, managing and retaining talent is just as important as recruitment. I therefore urge employers to devote time and energy to optimising their existing workforce. With this in mind, make sure you fully communicate all the opportunities available in the future to your staff and do not short-change your business with hasty, knee-jerk decisions.

Building back better
As the government begins to lay out plans to ‘build back better’, we all have a part to play in making traditional trades an attractive career path for school leavers and career changers. The construction industry contributes 7% of the UK’s GDP, which might not sound much in comparison with our services industry which brings in 80%, but we should be proud that the install market underpins every structure in this country. The customer journey is everything in trade and retail, but I invite you to consider the journey that your employees can go on with you. When I speak to job hunters, a key reason why they want a new role, outside of a recession, is that they felt they had to move on to pursue their career goals. It’s true that recruiting is a big investment, which is why we’re always keen to assist with hiring decisions so that you have the best pool of candidates to choose from, but you also need to actively nurture your own talent and encourage progression to grow your profits as well as your people.

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