Four ways boiling water units can improve drinking water safety

Four ways boiling water units can improve drinking water safety

We all need access to safe drinking water, especially in commercial environments such as offices, hotels and hospitals. Roy Marsden, Product Manager at Heatrae Sadia, outlines four ways on-wall boiling units can improve the safety credentials of a light commercial setting.

Wall-mounted instant hot water dispensers are fast becoming the preferred alternative to the traditional kettle, and it’s clear to see why with their improved efficiency, usability and scalability. However, one of the most important benefits is their safety credentials.

Hygiene merits
While we’re all guilty of having re-boiled the water in a kettle, some research has found that it can be dangerous to do so. Add to this the potential of contracting Legionnaires’ disease from drinking water containing harmful bacteria and the benefits of boiling water units become much more pertinent in minimising risk.

Where large numbers of people gather together, a hot-spot for germs is created, whether it’s at home, in an office, school or hospital. Units with a stainless steel outer casing have clear hygiene benefits given that the material is fingerprint resistant and doesn’t react when exposed to other chemicals. Heatrae Sadia’s Supreme boiling water product range also offers antimicrobial protection in the form of Biomaster, an additive which is proven to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria for the lifetime of the unit.

Stopping scalding
Unlike a kettle, on-wall boiling water units dispense hot water in a controlled and safe manner, and aren’t hot to the touch. What’s more, any steam generated during heat up is condensed and kept within the unit itself to help prevent accidental burns or scalding.

Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
Regular maintenance is so important to ensuring a drinking water solution remains safe and performs as it should from the moment it’s installed. On-wall boiling water units, such as the Supreme, have a detachable steam condensing chamber for easy service access and maintenance.

With no trailing leads, they’re also not considered as a portable piece of equipment so don’t require regular PAT tests, taking the headache out of maintenance.

Water quality
The benefits of drinking filtered water are well-known. Take hospitals as the prime example where hydration plays a key role in maintaining staff productivity and the health of vulnerable patients. Contractors should seek out drinking water solutions which consider scale prevention and filtration, especially in hard water areas. This will ensure optimum water quality and reduce general wear and tear of the system.

Ultimately, ensuring any installation is as safe as possible will prove invaluable to a contractor’s reputation. On-wall boiling water units present an attractive alternative to the traditional kettle, particularly where contractors are tasked with making simple switches to improve existing commercial buildings.

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