Farm cottage heat pump renovation

Farm cottage heat pump renovation

Low carbon heating has been installed at a 100 year-old cottage, including a remote control and diagnostic platform. The newly renovated house in Lincolnshire has been installed with central heating for the first time including the installation of Warmflow’s new Zeno Air Source Heat Pump.  

The Landlord of the 100 year-old farm cottage set out to get a state-of-the-art heating system that could be adapted into the building. The Landlord wanted a clean heating source that would efficiently and effectively heat this home as well as being environmentally sustainable.  

Installers Len Breathwick & Son recommended the Warmflow Zeno Air Source Heat Pump. “The Warmflow Zeno Air Source Heat Pump was a no brainer for this property. With the help of Warmflow’s heat pump design team, we chose to go with the AS01 paired with a Warmflow Nero 170ltr heat pump cylinder. The air source unit was easy to install and commission.”   

The Zeno AS01, which outputs 8kW of heat energy, provides hot water temperatures of up to 50o. This unit also supplies the underfloor heating and the low temperature radiators with hot water for efficient heating. It is paired with the company’s new 170ltr Nero Heat Pump Cylinder which provides hot water. This was the installers first time installing a Warmflow Zeno Air Source Heat Pump. 

Carbon reduction
GB Renewables Sales Manager Niel Rumbold said: “The Zeno Air Source Heat Pump units are a brilliant heating solution for all types of homes. They offer excellent energy savings and can help reduce the end user’s carbon footprint.”  

He added: “In this case, the homeowner wanted a sustainable heating solution for the cottage and has expressed their delight at the results. Underfloor heating had already been installed in the property as well as radiators, making the ultimate heating solution when paired with our heat pump. This is because the underfloor heating and low-temp rads requires lower flow temperatures of 35 degrees, meaning the heat pump in turn uses less electricity.”  

Remote control
Warmflow’s range of air source heat pumps harness natural heat energy from the air and offer market leading efficiencies as well features such as Warmlink.  

Warmlink is the company’s remote control and diagnostic platform which comes as standard with all Zeno heat pump models. The installing engineer simply downloads the Warmlink app onto their phone, scans the unique QR code on the side of each appliance and is then able to remotely monitor, fault find and control the unit from anywhere in the world.  

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