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Maria Howley, Product Training Lead at Bristan, looks at the role that manufacturers have to play in installer training and what steps the company is taking to support future generations of bathroom installers. 

The role of a bathroom installer has changed over the years with today’s customers increasingly looking for an expert who can advise on design and product choice – while keeping abreast of the latest trends and product innovations.  

Constant advances in technology and investment by manufacturers in product development mean that even those with decades of experience find there is always something to learn. 

Manufacturer training offers a huge opportunity for installers to help plug any knowledge gaps and stand above the competition, getting the knowledge they need to enhance their technical skills and product knowledge to help offer customers that end-to-end service.  

Empowering tradespeople 

For aspiring installers or those starting a new career, manufacturer training is an important way to gain specific product knowledge and expand the expertise of a particular brand. When it comes to Bristan, we focus on working with installers by helping them better understand our products.  

The company offers a range of free training sessions and lunch-and-learn workshops which can be tailored to meet the needs of the team or individual. These sessions will cover areas like product development and efficient ways of working – installers can also meet others and exchange tips and ideas.  

On Tap ambassadors 

In fact, when it comes to exchanging ideas and tips, we set up our On Tap installer community which features exclusive training opportunities, as well as events and rewards. Installers who are signed up to On Tap will gain access to exclusive content from Bristan, get to know fellow experts in their community, and also have the opportunity to win free products, receive our support and attend industry events. There is a dedicated Facebook page where installers regularly post an installation conundrum – from helping identify a mystery part to asking in-depth questions. This page is managed by our team of five On Tap ambassadors, who have more than 105 years of experience between them, and often respond to posts within minutes. 

Manufacturer support 

However, no matter how much training an individual takes, sometimes even the most experienced installer can arrive at a new job and realise they aren’t aware of how to fulfil a specific task. Manufacturers must be able to recognise this and evolve their support to ensure installers are aware of the rapidly changing legislation and development of technology, keeping skillsets up-to-date. 

To assist in times like this, we offer a series of how-to guides on our website to ensure that installers always have our support at their fingertips. On top of this, the rollout of our new Visual Remote Assistant (VRA) technology allows our customer service team to access a live stream and provide instant product identification and installation advice.  

Speaking from his own experience of the industry, professional installer of 43 years and Bristan On Tap ambassador, Andy Steer added: “My main piece of advice for someone starting out in the industry would be to move with it, go with the flow and take every opportunity to keep developing your knowledge. Also, learn from your mistakes! When I was an apprentice, I changed a washer in a tap, then couldn’t get any water out of it. When I looked underneath, I saw that it wasn’t connected to any pipework. I was 15 or 16 at the time, but I haven’t forgotten it and I’ve certainly never made the same mistake again.” 

To gain access to Bristan’s training and join On Tap please click here.

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