The benefits of water softeners

The benefits of water softeners

Debbie Boxall, Head of Operations at DualFlo, the trade arm of Harvey Water Softeners, speaks to PHPI about the benefits to installers of offering water softeners.

Profit is sanity, turnover is vanity – that’s what we’re always taught.

Yet, the uncomfortable truth is that too many plumbing and heating installs are now having to be fought and won on price alone. Margins are being squeezed, regardless of quality, and the result is a shrinking margin for error when it comes to any hold ups or delays. Whether it’s during a complex fitting or a regular service, these are costs that most in the trade can no longer afford.

So, at a time when too many jobs are being sold at close to cost, or even for a loss, anything installers can do to make each one more profitable and better for the bottom line should surely be tried and tested. Soft water is one of these choices. It provides additional revenue, without leaving your customers feeling worse off.

Why sell a water softener?
When you’re busy, it pays to do the best job for your customers as quickly as possible, and with the best margins – without obstacles like hard water getting in the way.

If you’re used to seeing the damage that limescale can cause then you probably already know you’re in a hard water area, but if you’re not sure then a hard water postcode checker can help you be certain. The harder the water, the greater the limescale build up in the mains water and the greater the risk of limescale to your customers.

When your customers live in hard water areas, giving them the option of a water softener at the same time as a new boiler and heating system makes perfect sense. Not only can it prolong the lifespan of household appliances significantly, including the boilers you fit, but it reduces unnecessary maintenance over the lifetime of their new system.

Sure, that means fewer repeat call outs for you, but that’s no bad thing when it’s smaller, less profitable work to fix the damage caused by limescale rather than bigger, more lucrative jobs you could be doing instead. And just as importantly, your customers are happier and more likely to recommend you.

Better all round
Water softeners are an extra source of revenue that you can use to your advantage. If you buy from a manufacturer through its dealer network, you get wholesale prices so you can offer a good price and still make a good profit.

Softeners usually take about three hours to install and plumb into the mains water supply. They are hassle-free and shouldn’t come with any complications or additional future maintenance needs, so you shouldn’t end up spending longer than expected on the job.

Soft water also helps you to keep being more profitable long after your work is done. Water softeners keep your customers satisfied with your hard work by protecting their expensive appliances for longer.

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