Apprentice case study: Nick Brining

Apprentice case study: Nick Brining

Apprentice Nick Brining is now half way through the second year of his plumbing and heating apprenticeship with Scarborough-based company GasTech.

GasTech’s Managing Director, Paul Exley, appreciates the importance of getting the right person on board when choosing an apprentice and recognises the important role that apprentices, like Nick, play in his business.

He said: “We’ve taken on an apprentice every year for the past 10 years, and the support from Hudson Contract means we’ve been able to extend the opportunity to an extra youngster this year. We can’t charge out our apprentices until they have two years’ experience under their belts, but at the same time, it’s vital to ensure that as an industry, we look to the future, and train youngsters to come into the trade.”

Apprentice Nick, who had the first year of his Apprenticeship part-funded by Hudson Contract, adds: “The variety of work is great – although I seem to be the one who always gets sent under the floorboards or out in the rain at the moment!”

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